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Our PCBA design services provide electronic solutions to help our valued clients save money and improve their products capability and reliability, by including the latest electronic technology within our PCBA design. Let us supply the technology for you to be the market leader within your business sector.

Sevenus provides a portfolio of high standard PCBA products, such as multi-layer PCB up to 64L, HDI PCBA, rigid-flex PCBA, heavy copper PCBA, high frequency PCBA, high Speed PCBA, high TG PCBA, impedance controlled PCBA, which are made from a wide range of top-brand laminates e.g. Rogers, Panasonic, SHENGYI, etc.

We are possesses professional PCBA techniques in the industry, such as maximum 48 layers, 12mm finished board thickness, 15oz heavy copper and minimum 2.5/2.5 mil line width and spacing. Flexible delivery schedule and competitive offer are the reasons why our clients choose us.

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