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In order to respond to the rapid changes in market demand and frequent changes in customer demand, deliver higher quality products earlier, further promote agile project management, promote and implement agile ideas and cultivate agile project management talents, in the afternoon of November 12, 2022, Xi Wensi invited Mr. Han Yingdi to carry out an agile project management course for the enterprise, with the participation of the company's management and core team members.


Lecturer - Han Yingdi starts the agile management course


For the agile project management of team members, the agile working mode is introduced from "why should be agile" and "what is agile", and the declaration and five processes of agility are described. Agile project management simplifies the tedious processes and documents of traditional project management. When customer requirements are not clear, it aims to develop available software in a short period of time to help customers describe their needs.

The core of agile management is to deliver value (create value for customers). We should develop the habit of delivery and iteration, master the MVP logic of minimum deliverables, open the thinking boundary, and grow in work practice.


Agile project course case interaction

In order to apply the theory to practice, Mr. Han introduced us to thinking about agile project management through the combination of theory and practice, case analysis and industry throughout the whole course, and added interactive links. Each student expressed his own views and knowledge about agile, so that team members could quickly master the application of agile thinking and feel the agile working mode more truly.



Students express their views one after another with agile thinking



Liao Hongmei, Vice President of the Operation Center, made a summary of the agile project management course

Agile is a kind of process, method, idea, even culture and habit, and an effective project management method and "best practice". By adopting agile methodology, it can make enterprises avoid detours as much as possible, reduce risks, and deliver projects more calmly, methodically, confidently, efficiently and with high quality. In combination with the agile project management tools used in the work, I believe that in the future project management work, Be able to constantly check and make corresponding adjustments in the development process, quickly find problems, promote the team and organization to continuously improve, optimize and improve work, and provide value to customers faster.


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