Creating Knowledge based Enterprises and Striving to Become Knowledge based Employees | The Xiwensi Knowledge Contest was successfully held

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In order to create a good learning atmosphere, deepen employees' awareness of the corporate culture of Xiwensi, popularize knowledge of safety production, get familiar with job quality, enrich employees' spare time cultural life, improve their work initiative, and build a first-class working team, the company organized a knowledge competition activity with the theme of "creating a learning enterprise, striving to be a knowledge employee" on November 12, 2022.

Activity introduction

This activity mainly focuses on corporate culture, safety knowledge, and basic quality knowledge. There are 10 teams in total, including P4DIP, P1 assembly, P4SMT, P1SMT, Quality Department, Materials Department, R&D Department, Commerce Department, Comprehensive Group 1 (Finance Department, Administration Department, Information Department), and Comprehensive Group 2 (Traffic Management Department, Procurement Department). The competition is divided into regular events - military training (one person must answer questions, team must answer questions) There are three links, namely, the competition of answering the question - landing on the beach "and the competition of going through the hurdles - the competition of breaking the barriers.

Team style display

Everyone was full of confidence in the knowledge contest and hoped to win a glory for their team. At the beginning, the new slogans of each team showed their majesty, leaving a deep impression on everyone.


Make concerted efforts to create brilliance

P1 assemble

P1 P1 Be sure to win the first place


Pursue excellence and lean production


P1 P1  Win the first place

Quality Department

Trust partners, unity is strength

Material Department

Solidarity and cooperation, striving for the first place

Ministry of Commerce

When the spring wind blows and the war drums beat, who have we ever feared in business

R&D Department

Unite and strive for success

Comprehensive group 1

Yeah, yeah, we're right

Comprehensive 2 groups

Honor comes from hard work, progress comes from diligence

Review of competition scene

01 Regular season - "troops and generals"

Solid professional knowledge

Exquisite professional skills

The war was imminent. In the regular season - military training, the contestants of each team fought hard for their team's achievements with solid professional knowledge and superb professional skills. The harmonious team cooperation was fully demonstrated and won applause

02 Answer contest - "beach landing" link

The process was wonderful and intense. The team leaders of each group were active and quick in answering questions. The team leaders were always ready to raise the answer board to fight wits and courage. The atmosphere at the scene was tense and lively

03 Pass breaking competition - "The willow is dark and the flower is bright" link

The score of the challenge event is 10 points, 20 points and 30 points. The higher the score, the higher the difficulty. After a while of discussion, under the strategic layout of the team, except P1SMT, all other teams challenge the peak to choose the 30 point question. The competition score gradually opens the gap, and the top three with the highest score are selected under the principle of "openness, fairness and fairness".

04The birth of the champion - awarding

The competition ended successfully. Liao Hongmei, Deputy General Manager of the Operation Center, made a detailed comment on the organization of the activity and took a group photo of the winners of the competition

Secondly, she pointed out that the success of this activity depended on the high attention, careful organization and careful study of all departments, which effectively achieved the goal of all personnel learning and training; Secondly, we can see from the competition that our team members have a strong sense of responsibility, competition awareness and enthusiasm. Finally, we hope that you can take advantage of this knowledge competition to comprehensively improve the team's comprehensive ability. With a more strict, detailed and solid attitude, we can do a solid job in various production work, and create a good atmosphere for learning, improving skills, strengthening quality and promoting production.

First place: R&D Department

Second place: Comprehensive Group I

Third place: P1 SMT

Participation Award

This activity is the first knowledge contest held by Xiwensi. In the form of knowledge contest, it is integrated into the company's corporate culture, enhances quality awareness, deepens everyone's attention to the safety production of the enterprise, and everyone attaches great importance to this activity. They actively participate in creating a strong learning atmosphere. The subsequent Xiwensi Conference held many similar knowledge contests to comprehensively improve the learning quality and professional quality of employees, and enrich the cultural life of employees, Promote the comprehensive development of all aspects of knowledge.

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